PEK Series wall hang hermetic combi boilers are manufactured with 3 capacity ranges from 24 kW to 32 kW.

Pratikel Combi Boilers have the benefits of:
– Automatic Failure Warning System,
– High Resistant Brass Hydro Blocking Structure,
– In Compliance with Gas Fuel Directives,
– Efficient Premix Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger,
– Eco-Friendly with Low NOx and COx Waste Gas Emission Values,
– High Burning Efficiency,
– New Generation PCBs in compliance with ERP Directives
– Continuous Hot Water Comfort,
– Low-noise System,
– Compliance with Room Thermostat,
– Ambient Temperature Sensor Feature,
– Maximum Comfort with the ability to be controlled by Mobile Devices,
– New LCD Digital Control
– Compact Dimensions
– Gold, Silver, Anthracite Color Options,
– 4 Star High Energy Efficiency Class,
– Low Gas Consumption,
– Wide Modulating between %22 – %100,
– 3 Speed Fan Equipped Circulation Pump,
– Freeze-Up Protection.