PRATIKEL Central Heating Boilers are compatible with usage of liquid and gas fuels. Produced with various capacity ranges with high performance. Central Heating Boilers provide economical heating and are user friendly as well.

Technology Manufactured with TS standards as long lasting products. Works with counter pressure principal with small volume, high efficiency. Turbulators that are existing inside the fire tubes increase the heat transfer by revoulating the smoke gases in the boiler pipes. Thus, heat is transfered to the water instead of transfered directly to the somestack which causes the efficiency increase.

Elegantly Designed Control Panel All the functions of the boiler can be controlled easily by the control panel. Overheating and useless fuel consumption are prevented by providing heating control.

User Friendly By the wide front doors, maintanance and cleaning can be done easily

Envorimental Friendly By the design of flame system waste gas are minimized for a better envoriment.

Casing Outer sheets are painted by electrostatic powder paint against corrosion which also provides an elegant appearance of boiler