PCPEL Central Boilers are compatible with usage of pellet or wood type of solid fuels. Instead of pipe, transfer segments are used, therefore the cleaning period of the boiler is delayed. Pellet Boilers come with automatic fuel intake section and automatic ignition features as standard. By the large capacity bunker, requires fuel feeding within long periods.

Technology Manufactured with TS EN 303-5 and TS497 standards as long lasting products. Reaches to set temperature promptly with special 3 pass design and by the turbulators holding the gas in the smoke tubes forming out a heat recovery system. Thus, the fuel compsumption is reduced at the lowest level.

Elegantly Designed Control Panel All the functions of the boiler can be controlled easily by the control panel.

Complete combustion is provided by specially designed fan by upper and lower air circulation. Thus, high efficiency and environmental protection is also provided.

Casing Outer sheets are painted by electrostatic powder paint against corrosion which also provides an elegant appearance of boiler.

Remote Wall Thermostat Room set temperature is adjusted and obtained continuously.

Smokestack Sensor lets track the temperature at the smokestack

Fuel Level Sensor lets track the available fuel amount

By Ignition Plug automatic pellet ignition

Wood Grill with Water Pipe allows monoblock wood burning