Domestic Boilers with automatic fuel feeding kit are compatible with usage of wood or coke typeof solid fuels. Produced with various capacity ranges with high performance. Domestic Boilers provides economical heating and are user friendly as well.

Technology Manufactured with TS EN 303-5 standards as long lasting products. Turbulators that are existing inside the fire tubes increase the heat transfer by revoulating the smoke gases in the boiler pipes. Thus, heat is transfered to the water instead of transfered directly to the somestack which causes the efficiency increase.

Elegantly Designed Control Panel All the functions of the boiler can be controlled easily by the control panel. Fuel feeding is controlled automaticly providing a feeding for the necassary fuel amount needed for a good burning.

Complete combustion is provided by Specially designed fan by upper and lower air circulation. Thus, high efficiency and envorenmental protection is also provided.

Automatic Stop Fan and circulation pump stop automatically once the fuel in the boiler is finished and causes energy conservation.

User Friendly By the wide fuel feeding and ash doors, fuel feeding, flaming, ash removing can be done easily.

Water Heater By installing a special heat exchanger, domestic hot water can be obtained.