PDBS2P Domestic Boilers are compatible with usage of wood or coke type of solid fuels. Designed to operate continuously for 1-3 days. Instead of pipe, transfer segments are used, therefore the cleaning period of the boiler is delayed.

Technology Manufactured with TS EN 303-5 standards as long lasting products. By 4-pass special heat transfer segments, reaches the desired temperature in a very short time. Because of this prompt start-up, the fuel consumption is reduced.

Elegantly Designed Control Panel All the functions of the boiler can be controlled easily by the control panel.

High capacity burning tank provides 1-3 days continuous burning without any need of automatic fuel mechanism.

Complete combustion is provided by specially designed fan by upper and lower air circulation. Thus, high efficiency and environmental protection is also provided.

By Hot water tank add, it is possible to obtain usage water.

Burning Delay Independent from the boiler temperature, in case the ambient temperature is at already desired levels, the system can be shut down at the control panel. In this case the burning fuel will be blacken and the burning will be postponed to next start-up. Once the boiler is turned on again, burning will be continued without any need of ignition. Burning delay is possible up to 24 hours depending on the quality of the coal.

Automatic Stop Fan and circulation pump stop automatically once the fuel in the boiler is finished and causes energy conservation.

User Friendly By the wide fuel feeding and ash doors, fuel feeding, flaming, ash removing can be done easily.

Water Heater By installing a special heat exchanger, domestic hot water can be obtained.

Remote Wall Thermostat Room set temperature is adjusted and obtained continuously.

Eco-friendly By homogeneous distribution of the air to up and down, clean and non-smoked burning is obtained. Therefore, the waste that may effect the environment negatively is reduced to minimum level