PON series boilers are, blowing burner, cast iron sectioned, between the capacities 163 – 355 kW with proper burner connection, works with gas or liquid fuel in 7 different ( 5 – 11 sections) type. PON series boilers operating pressure is 6 bar maximum, and working temperature is 90 °C maximum. In PON series boilers,heat transfer surface areas are increased by the special wings in the burning room and chimney ways.This inceases the high heat transfer ability of cast iron boiler to the maximum level.

PON series boilers are cast iron sectioned boilers.This brings easy assembling and easy capacity increasing by adding sections to the boiler. The transportation and set up of the boiler is easy because boiler is assembled in boiler rooms It is easily to carry or shift position without breaking walls. PON series boilers are casted with special alloy, which is durable for heat extansions and changes, EN GJL200. They are long life boilers according to this special cast iron alloy.

With the help of horizontal and three pass specially designed sections burning gases pass three times in the boiler and transmits burning energy to the water inside the sections at high level. PON series boilers are high efficiency boilers. ( According to the fuel bottom heating value % 91 – 93 ). With this high efficiency and perfect isolation more energy is gained with less fuel. Heat loses are minimized on PON series boilers. By appropriate burning room, heat transfer surface, turbulator, collector and isolation high heat transfer and optimum flue gas emition results are provided.

Boiler sections are delivered as assembled or not assembled according to the boiler room specifications and dimensions.In not assembled deliveries, sections and assembling aparats are delivered on a pallet, cabins,isolation and other elements are delivered in a box.


  • Available in 7 models; 5 to 11 sections
  • High efficiency 3 pass design
  • High quality cast iron parts
  • Casing insulation with 80 mm thick glass wool mattress
  • High heat transfer capacity with flame delayer turbulators
  • Spacious combustion chamber with two side opening burner door (left and right)
  • High combustion performance with low exhaust emission
  • Special design thermix flange for giving high speed to return water
  • Easy temperature control
  • Ease to install, use and maintenance
  • Optional with automatic eco control panel