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In closed heating-cooling systems, the water expands or contracts as the system is heated up or cooled down. Expansion vessels are used to compensate for the fluctuations in volume between maximum and minimum temperature within a permissible range.

Pratikel expansion vessels are used to maintain pressure in heating, cooling and solar power systems. The pressurised cushion of gas supports the water column within the system and is set before a reserve of water is poured into the vessel. When the system heats up, the pressure rises and expansion water flows from the external system into the water space: the pressurised cushion of air in the gas space is compressed. When the system cools down and its pressure drops, this counter pressure pushes water from the membrane back into the system. This releases the pressurised cushion of air in the gas space.


expansion vessel


PEQ (red)

PEL 10 bar

PEX 10 bar

PEL 16 bar

PEX 16 bar

PEL 25 bar

PEX 25 bar


PEQ (blue)

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