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steel radiator

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PRATIKEL panel radiators are manufactured from 1.15 mm thick high quality colled rolled steel of Erdemir, in 5 different height (300, 400, 500, 600, 900 mm) and in 20 different lenghts from 400 mm to 3000 mm. Each panel radiator is manufactured complying the quality standard of DIN EN 442. Having the special decorative design and wide convector surface area, our radiators provide high heating efficiency.

  • Annual production capacity of 1.5 million meters panel radiators by PLC-controlled fully automatic production lines.

  • By 33 mm pitch water channel conduits and wide convector surface, obtains maximum thermal efficiency.

  • Easy installation wall connection tools; ‘’L’’ console, air vent plug, end plug, assembly (trifon) screw, screw holder, console holder clip are all included in the standard radiator packages for easy installation.

  • Painting is the most important process in radiator production, needs of well cleaning beforehand. Degreasing by immersion, degreasing by spray, ironphosphate coating and passivation are the pre-painting processes. Then, wet undercoating painting and electrostatic powder painting follows, and finished by well drying. All are done under high standards with a quality finish in our factory.

  • PRATIKEL radiators are designed with an elegant appearance and smooth surface and edges. It provides well decoration of the rooms.

  • Well Tested and Quality Assured Each manufactured radiator is tested under 13 bars of pressure and quality assured against and leakage issues before packaging.

  • Safety Packaging packed with bubble nylon packages supported by edge cardboards to ensure protection from outer effects during transport and carriage.



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